Gordon Hayward recovery “right on schedule”

-Ben Babcock

Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffered a fractured ankle early in the Celtics season opener this season. While this was a devastating blow to the Celtics, who had just acquired Hayward in the offseason, they have still managed to take the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Hayward wasn’t expected to come back this season, but has been reported to be “right on schedule” in his recovery timetable by GM Danny Ainge this morning. Hayward has been able to walk without his cast for brief periods recently, and will be jumping right into rehab.

While he isn’t expected to be back this season, Hayward’s recovery is moving along quite well. If the Celtics can continue to perform like they have been without Hayward and make a run into the playoffs, we can only hope Hayward will join the team in the spring if all is well.