Mike Vrabel, set up to be Titans new coach

-Nick Pooler

After a stellar playing career as a pro-linebacker for the New England Patriots, Mike Vrabel took all of his football knowledge to Houston to coach their defensive unit. He was very successful, which some may argue. He was given a team without JJ Watt and Brian Cushing and still found his way to a respectable defense. Now, he is taking his knowledge to Tennessee. The Titans just parted ways with head coach Mike Mularkey after a successful season that ended in a divisional round loss to the New England Patriots. Vrabel, who has no head coaching experience, will take over the head coaching vacancy and will look to keep the future bright for the Titans fans. This move was very surprising to some, but Tennessee sees it as a great opportunity for a fantastic former player to bring his mindset to practice every day when running their team.