My Top 5 Most Surprising Draft Moves



By: Ben Babcock

  • The Saints trading up for Marcus Davenport


The Saints gave up the no.27 spot in this draft, along with their 5th round pick in this draft, and next year’s first round pick, all for the 14th overall pick. When this happened almost everyone at the draft, all the analysts, all the commentators, thought they were trading up to take Lamar Jackson. They expressed interest in Lamar Jackson, and Drew Brees is going to need a successor pretty soon here. But then they took the defensive end Marcus Davenport. There was one guy there that said maybe they go Davenport here. I don’t remember who it was, but kudos to him because he’s the only one that saw what was going on. Davenport was the second best pass rusher in this draft, and could really add to the New Orleans pass rush that solely consists of Cameron Jordan alone, but I’ve never seen anyone make a move like this. Paying two, first round picks for a defensive end is questionable. Then you throw on a 5th rounder too, sheesh. I think the Packers made out on this trade, and I’m gonna be a little skeptical until I see that Marcus Davenport is the real deal.


  1. The Steelers selecting Terrell Edmunds

If a linebacker didn’t fall to the Steelers I expected them to take a defensive back, but not this guy. Justin Reid was the next best guy on my board for safeties, followed by Kyzer White. Terrell Edmunds wasn’t even in my 3-round mock draft and he went 28th overall. I didn’t recognize him until I went back down the prospects list. Maybe it’s just me not being a super experienced analyst, but this one really caught be by surprise.


  1. The Patriots selecting Sony Michel

This one really got me as a Patriots fan. I expected them to take a running back later in the draft for depth, but I never imagined them taking one first round. The thing that made it even more surprising was that Josh Jackson and Harold Landry were both still available, which are both players that fill bigger holes in our lineup in my opinion, and yet they take Michel over those two when we’ve got solid running backs already. The running back situation in New England will be very interesting this year.


  1. The Patriots trading their 2nd rounders

The Patriots had two 2nd round picks this year, but apparently could live without them. It’s Belichick, he never does what you expect. Josh Jackson fell to no.43, which I was super pumped about, but then they traded back to no.51 and got the the no.117. Then they traded out of no.51 for the no.105 and a 2nd rounder next year. Then they traded back up to no.56 with the no.63 and no.117 that they got earlier. They ended up getting the cornerback Duke Dawson, the bears 2nd rounder next year, and the no.105, which they traded to the Browns for the no.114 and no.178. Then, they traded the no.114 to the Lions for a 3rd rounder next year, and actually used the no.178 on the linebacker Christian Sam. All of this came from the 43rd, and 63rd overall picks. Now they’ve got extra 2nd and 3rd rounders next year and still addressed their needs at cornerback and linebacker, so I guess I can’t complain.


  1. The Raiders selecting Kolton Miller

The Raiders did need some help on the offensive line, and I could’ve understood this pick a little more if Tremaine Edmunds wasn’t still available, but he was. The Raiders need a linebacker, badly. Tremaine Edmunds was a top linebacker in this draft, arguably the best linebacker in this draft, and was right there for the taking. Kolton Miller was projected to go towards the end of the first round, and if he fell later then maybe the Raiders could’ve traded up for him. In my mock draft I had them taking Denzel Ward only because Edmunds and Roquan Smith were gone already. Edmunds fell way farther than I expected him too and I was truly surprised when the Raiders didn’t take him at no.15.


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