Can We Please Stop With The GOAT Argument?

By Ben Babcock


Something that has been floating around everywhere the past few years and really blowing up lately is the GOAT argument. Who is the greatest player of all time? MJ or Lebron? Brady or Montana? As much as I take sides sometimes, it’s really getting annoying, for one reason. There is no comparison! You can’t take players that played 20 years apart and start comparing their achievements and how they played the game. If I had to make an argument I will say that Brady is my GOAT for football and MJ is my GOAT for basketball, but I’m not going to get into that because again, it doesn’t matter. If they didn’t play together, or against each other, you can’t compare them. Sports today are more advanced, players are more skilled, and the game is simply more advanced. Russell Westbrook is a better basketball player than Bill Russell because the game has evolved, but Bill Russell was a more successful player in his time than Westbrook will ever be. Lebron is probably a more athletic and complete basketball player than Michael Jordan, but he won’t be able to accomplish what Jordan did. Same thing in football. Brady has out-accomplished Montana overall, stat wise, but you’ll never know how it would’ve gone down head-to-head between the two of them. And that’s why you can’t make the GOAT argument. Unless someone builds a damn time machine and puts Lebron back in the 90’s or MJ in today’s game, you can’t compare what they can do. They are each the best in their own respective era’s. So let’s just stop getting in twitter fights with people we’ll never actually see in person, and just stop. No matter what you say there will be someone out there that disagrees with you. The argument is never-ending. So just settle with the fact that they are the best of their own time and stop this nonsense.


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