Are the Rams Super Bowl Contenders?

By Ben Babcock


Lets face it, the Rams haven’t been good since Kurt Warner was there. They’ve gone a good decade with very little success, but that streak has ended. New head coach Sean McVay has unlocked this team and let them loose. They went 11-5 in 2017 with a lot of young players. Led by a second-year quarterback and a third year running back, and that showed in the playoffs. Losing pretty convincingly to the Falcons in the first round. So what do they do? They go beef the hell out of their roster. They add Marcus Peters and Aquib Talib to their secondary and Ndamukong Such to the defensive line. All three are top their players. With Suh now, they easily have the best defensive line duo in the league pairing him with Aaron Donald. I really like what they did this offseason. Todd Gurley is a very special running back and Jared Goff is turning into a franchise quarterback. The only problem here is that with so many big names, there’s no way they can afford everyone once they are off their rookie contracts. So the Rams going all in right now is the right move because they aren’t gonna have the money available in a few years. They are pushing for a championship now and they have a shot. But the NFC is stacked right now. The Eagles are obviously well balanced and the Vikings look just as good with Kirk Cousins now at the helm. And as much as I like the Rams, they are still lacking veteran leadership. They are too young and that’s why I’m saying they won’t go all the way this year. They will make a run, at least to the second round, NFC championship maybe. But I really don’t think they will even make the super bowl, much less win it all. If they can hold onto everyone again next year then yes they could be the best team in the league unless it doesn’t work at all this season, which I don’t see happening. There is a future with this group. They just need one year to develop before they go all the way.


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