NBA Finals Game 3 Recap



By Griffin Finch

Cleveland opened well in their first home game of the series. They quickly got out to a double digit lead and held it for the majority of the opening period. With little time left in the first quarter though Kevin Durant came alive and brought the Warriors to within a single point of claiming the lead. KD had 13 points and 7 rebounds in the initial 12 minutes kicking off what would be a historic night for him. In the second quarter, the Cavaliers would fight to keep the Warriors at bay. By the time the second quarter had concluded it was obvious that the splash brothers were not hitting their shots tonight. Both Curry and Thompson shot abysmally from the field. Golden State was only still in the game due to the heroics that Kevin Durant was performing. By the end of the half, Cleveland had inflated their lead back to 6 closing the half with a score of 58-52.

The Warriors without much help from their starting backcourt still went on to have a trademark Warriors third quarter. Lead by Kevin Durant with 10 points and Javale McGee with 8 points the Warriors outscored the Cavaliers 31-23 claiming a 2 point lead heading into the final period. The final quarter was a tightly contested affair. Neither team was able to gain any ground. Then all of a sudden, Steph Curry shows some signs of life late in the quarter scoring 5 points in the last two minutes. However the final nail in the coffin for the Cavs was a dagger from Kevin Durant 33 feet away from the basket. It was very reminiscent of the three he hit in game 3 of last years finals. That shot seemed to signal the end for Tyronn Lue and his team as they would not make up any ground in the remaining time. Game 3 came to a close as Golden State began to break away with an 8 point lead ending the game with a final score of 110-102.


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