NBA Finals Game 4 Recap


By Griffin Finch

The looming threat of getting swept hovered over the Cavaliers going into Game 4. Given what had happened in the previous games it really did not look good for the home team. In Game 1, they had all but won but J.R. Smith handed the game back to the Warriors. Game 2 saw what most people expected which was a complete blowout with the Warriors winning 122-103. Game 3 saw a horrific shooting performance by the two best shooters in the world. When all of the previous outings are considered it seemed like no matter how Golden State plays they would find a way to win in the end.

The game opened with Golden State quickly grabbing a double digit lead. From there they started hitting threes from everywhere on the court. Everyone was getting involved. The Splash Brothers, KD, Andre Iguodala and even Nick Young contributed to the first quarter barrage. After the first period the score was 34-25. In the second quarter, the Cavaliers were able to cut into the lead but were never able to completely close the gap. Then Golden State caught fire again and from there they never looked back. They ran the Cavs out of their own gym winning by 23 for a final score of 108-85. Kevin Durant finished with a triple double containing 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Curry also had an incredible game with 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

The Warriors simply overwhelmed the Cavaliers in this game and in this series. By the end, Lebron had a broken hand and was just too fatigued to prevent the Warriors from taking out the brooms and sweeping Cleveland. For his efforts in the Finals, Kevin Durant was awarded his second consecutive NBA Finals MVP further cementing his status as an all time great. Now as we move into the offseason the Warriors are going to do everything in their power to keep the crew together and go for a three peat. The Cavaliers on the other hand need to quickly come up with a plan for a post LeBron James era of basketball because he is almost certainly moving on to bigger and better things. Even if he does stay the Cavaliers are going to need to make serious moves with Boston and Philly in the conference. If either team is healthy, one of those teams will surely beat the Cavs and get out of the East.


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