NBA Free Agency


This free agency could be one of the biggest in a long time. With the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Paul, Paul George, Nikola Jokic, DeAndre Jordan and many more. It adds on to the free agency with all the drama surrounding Kawhi Leonard and San Antonio. A team who always stays out of the drama is now sitting right in the middle of it. So many questions remain unanswered heading into free agency in just less than 24 hours. So I’m going to take the time to do my best assumption of answering those questions.

LeBron James- average 27.2 PPG last season and will be entering his 16th NBA season. Last night, James opted out of his contract and leaves many fans guessing. By opting out, it boosted the Lakers chances at bringing him in. Possible teams in my opinion are Lakers, 76ers, Rockets and Cavaliers. To me, those are the only four teams I can see him going to. By opting out, the Cavaliers can now offer James a 5-year, $209 million contract. The Rockets were really hoping for a sign-and-trade scenario but that is not going to happen now that he opted out. I could see him headed to LA with all the money that they have to spend. But my more favorable opinion is he shocks a lot of people and stays home in Cleveland.

If LeBron leaves Cleveland, they are left with several decisions. They have a bunch of veteran role players with not many people to build around. In my opinion, the only valuable people they have on their team are Kevin Love, Larry Nance Jr., Collin Sexton and Tristan Thompson. Everyone else is really only a role player on a team with stars and can’t really factor into leading a team on their own. With those four at the core of the team, I would say with no corresponding roster moves, with a healthy Kevin Love, it is a 6-9 seed in the Eastern Conference at best.

Paul George is another very interesting player here. The Thunder jumped the gun and traded away two valuable assets a season ago and even knew that he said he would sign with the Lakers when he was a free agent. Well guess what, he is a free agent and the Thunder lost in the first round of the playoffs. If he joins forces with James in LA, and they keep their core together by not trading for Kawhi, they could be very dangerous. You are looking at a starting five of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Paul George, LeBron James and Brook Lopez. With a bench of Isaiah Thomas, Brandon Ingram and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. If they do go out and trade a package of Ingram and Caldwell-Pope plus picks to the Spurs for Kawhi, that gives them a team that could contend with the Warriors. If LeBron stays in Cleveland, it could shake things up and force the Lakers to go out and get Kawhi.


Now onto the final predictions and where I think players will end up with no details attached:

LeBron James- Cavaliers

Paul George- Lakers

Carmelo Anthony- Thunder

DeAndre Jordan- Mavericks

Kevin Durant- Warriors

Kawhi Leonard- Lakers

Dwyane Wade- Heat

DeMarcus Cousins- Pelicans

Nikola Jokic- Nuggets

Derrick Rose- Pistons

Chris Paul- Rockets

Rudy Gay- Celtics

Brook Lopez- Lakers

Tyreke Evans- Trail Blazers

Jabari Parker- Clippers

Marcus Smart- Celtics

Jamal Crawford- Warriors

Julius Randle- Wizards

Jeff Green- Rockets

JJ Redick- 76ers

Avery Bradley- 76ers

Aaron Gordon- Magic

Clint Capela- Rockets


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