Just How Good is Chris Sale?


Chris Sale quite possibly is the best pitcher in baseball right now. Just he has some very stiff competition with the likes of Max Scherzer, Jacob DeGrom, Justin Verlander, Corey Kluber and many others. There is plenty that separates Sale from the rest. In his last 10 starts, he is 7-1 which has included 6 starts without giving up a single run. 109 strikeouts also in the last 10 starts. On the year, Sale is now 12-4, 1.97 ERA, 219 strikeouts, and lastly, an opponent batting average of .175. This could be one of the most dominant seasons any pitcher has had in a long time. Better yet, he is doing this on a team that has a chance to finish with the best record in MLB history.

There are always going to be Red Sox haters that will complain and say how he hasn’t produced in playoffs or will find every little thing to pick and point at, but it is simply time to face the facts. Currently, as he sits on a 28 inning scoreless streak, he continues to mow down any batter in his path with his deadly back door breaking ball.

The Red Sox right now are first in the American League with a record of 85-35 and have 43 games left on the year. When the three headed monster comes together in the same day (Mookie Betts, JD Martinez and Sale), they rarely lose. This team has a lot of chemistry and Sale looks to lead this very experienced club into the postseason with nothing but championship thoughts on their mind.


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