Sports Media Plus First Annual Fantasy Football Dynasty League


This year, the team at Sports Media Plus has decided to manage their own fantasy football league. Each week will be updates on each individual matchup including results from draft day and exclusive interviews on free agent pickups. The members in this league involve Brandon Rowe, Isaac Thibodeau, Nick Bolliger, Ryan Kelley, Cody Spencer, Nick Pooler, Nick Fay and Ben Babcock.

The East division will be made up of Team Pooler, Team Rowe, Team Babcock and Team Fay. The West will be, Team Bolliger, Team Thibodeau, Team Kelley and Team Spencer. The rosters will pan out just like this:



  • 2 QB’s
  • 2 RB’s
  • 2 WR’s
  • 1 TE
  • 1 Flex
  • 1 DL
  • 1 DB
  • 1 Kicker




  • 7 Bench Spots
  • 2 IR Spots


With this being a dynasty league, all 18 players on roster will be kept for the next season. It is up to the 8 league managers to decide how they want to manage their teams and decide if they want to think long term or short term. Scoring will not be ESPN Standard, instead it was custom made by the team at Sports Media Plus in a way of making all positions the same worth. Check out the website or twitter for weekly updates of this years league and make sure to follow in every week and respond with your comments on each people’s moves whether it was good or bad. The draft will take place Thursday, August 16th at 10 PM. Stay tuned for more!


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