Draft Recap


In the inaugural draft of the Sports Media Plus dynasty league, there were some surprises and some chances taken by each team. The most challenging thing about this league was drafting good players but at the same time keeping in mind the future as well. For example, Tom Brady is a great pick but you also want to make sure you have other young talent at the quarterback position as well. The first round went like this:

1st round-

  1. Team Fay- RB Le’Veon Bell
  2. Team Spencer- RB Alvin Kamara
  3. Team Kelley- WR Antonio Brown
  4. Team Bolliger- RB Todd Gurley
  5. Team Thibodeau- RB Ezekiel Elliott
  6. Team Pooler- RB David Johnson
  7. Team Rowe- RB Saquon Barkley
  8. Team Babcock- WR DeAndre Hopkins

That round went pretty smooth. Some questions were brought up like Team Spencer selecting Kamara with Gurley, Johnson and Elliott still on the board. We also saw Team Rowe taking a chance on first year rookie Saquon Barkley with an early first round selection. Round 2 went smooth as well with a little bit more surprising moves.


2nd round-

  1. Team Babcock- WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  2. Team Rowe- RB Kareem Hunt
  3. Team Pooler- WR Julio Jones
  4. Team Thibodeau- RB Leonard Fournette
  5. Team Bolliger- WR Michael Thomas
  6. Team Kelley- S Reshad Jones
  7. Team Spencer- WR Keenan Allen
  8. Team Fay- RB Melvin Gordon

After looking at first two rounds, here is a look at how everyone’s team turned out the rest of the way:

Team Fay-

  1. RB Le’Veon Bell
  2. RB Melvin Gordon
  3. TE Zach Ertz
  4. WR Stefon Diggs
  5. QB Drew Brees
  6. QB Kirk Cousins
  7. WR Larry Fitzgerald
  8. DE JJ Watt
  9. WR Brandin Cooks
  10. S Kevin Byard
  11. K Stephen Gostkowski
  12. WR Golden Tate
  13. WR Michael Crabtree
  14. RB Ronald Jones
  15. QB Dak Prescott
  16. DE Ryan Kerrigan
  17. RB LeGarrette Blount
  18. WR Martavis Bryant

Team Fay had a solid draft. He made sure to get a strong offensive core early on. He took a chance on newly drafted running back Ronald Jones from the Buccaneers in hopes of a breakout year. Also some hopefuls on new teams for him is the receiving duo of Crabtree and Cooks. With strong production from those two his team should be sharp. Look for his top players to be Bell, Diggs, Gordon and Brees as Watt controls his defense. Team Fay is also taking a chance on Larry Fitzgerald who looks to give him enough production to last him through this year before he retires. Team Fay has enough wide receiver depth to afford taking on a player like Fitzgerald. A key part of his team also includes the duo of Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs hooking up. That will be crucial points for team Fay and very hard for him to sit that soon to be electric duo. Team Fay also likes LeGarrette Blount as a touchdown monster, but the question is where will he fit in team Fay’s lineup? It’s looking like the only spot is that flex position so the question remains, is his potential touchdowns worth starting over a receiver like Fitzgerald, Crabtree or Golden Tate? We will find out soon enough.


Team Spencer-

  1. RB Alvin Kamara
  2. WR Keenan Allen
  3. WR Davante Adams
  4. QB Carson Wentz
  5. S Jordan Poyer
  6. QB Jimmy Garoppolo
  7. WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
  8. TE Greg Olsen
  9. WR Josh Gordon
  10. DE Jadeveon Clowney
  11. TE Evan Engram
  12. QB Lamar Jackson
  13. RB Joe Mixon
  14. WR Alshon Jeffery
  15. S Tyrann Mathieu
  16. RB Corey Clement
  17. K Sebastian Janikowski
  18. DT DeForest Buckner

Team Spencer has a solid team with some question marks in there. For example, Wentz, Olsen and Janikowski all missing significant time last season with injury and Gordon being suspended a majority of year. Team Spencer likes the addition of safety Tyrann Mathieu as he feels that he will make a strong comeback season on a new team as he enters his first year with the Texans. Look for his leaders to be Kamara, Allen, Wentz and Adams. Team Spencer is also hoping for a strong year from Joe Mixon and Evan Engram. He also selected Lamar Jackson who right now sits as the Ravens third stringer but has a lot of upside. Team Spencer sees him as an asset going forward in the dynasty league. And last but not least, everybody has been waiting so we shall see, how will Jimmy G do this season? Team Spencer will have the answer for us as he slides into his QB 2 slot behind Wentz. A potential steal here for team Spencer would be snagging JuJu Smith-Schuster in the 7th round. He is learning from the league’s best receiver Antonio Brown and is only going  to get better. Huge upside for years to come.


Team Kelley-

  1. WR Antonio Brown
  2. S Reshad Jones
  3. WR AJ Green
  4. RB LeSean McCoy
  5. QB Tom Brady
  6. WR Jarvis Landry
  7. QB Andrew Luck
  8. RB Derrick Henry
  9. TE Jimmy Graham
  10. WR Julian Edelman
  11. RB Mark Ingram
  12. DT Aaron Donald
  13. K Justin Tucker
  14. QB Jameis Winston
  15. RB Alex Collins
  16. WR Chris Hogan
  17. QB Baker Mayfield
  18. QB Jay Cutler

This team is a big fat question mark. There are some great picks including Antonio Brown, Jimmy Graham, Tom Brady, Jarvis Landry, AJ Green and Derrick Henry. There are also some questions surrounding this squad. Including all of the suspensions. Julian Edelman, Mark Ingram, Jameis Winston and an ongoing investigation with LeSean McCoy. Also, Andrew Luck is coming off injury and Aaron Donald is still holding out. If healthy and not suspended, this is a great team! Baker Mayfield being selected was also a look into the future especially with Brady nearing the end. Don’t even ask about the Jay Cutler pick, he was dropped immediately by team Kelley. He will now weigh out his options after watching more preseason games to find his last roster spot. With Aaron Donald still holding out, it should be obvious for team Kelley to get a replacement for Donald for the time being. Alex Collins also is a promising underrated running back for team Kelley who looks to see time for him with Ingram out. A big thing team Kelley noted was the comeback of Julian Edelman. Tom Brady’s favorite target that will surely be a top option in team Kelley’s lineup. Once back from suspension, team Kelley will have to make a tough decision on wide receivers, can only start 3 out of Antonio Brown, AJ Green, Jarvis Landry and Julian Edelman. Could be a potential trade in the future to maybe upgrade his running back position. Team Kelley’s rival is team Spencer who had 3 wins last year total in a different league, all against team Kelley. It’ll be interesting to see how the season goes this year as the two teams meet 3 times.


Team Bolliger-

  1. RB Todd Gurley
  2. WR Michael Thomas
  3. RB Dalvin Cook
  4. RB Jordan Howard
  5. WR Doug Baldwin
  6. QB Deshaun Watson
  7. QB Cam Newton
  8. S Barry Church
  9. DE Cameron Jordan
  10. WR Will Fuller V
  11. TE Jordan Reed
  12. QB Josh Rosen
  13. K Jake Elliott
  14. RB Rashaad Penny
  15. WR Devin Funchess
  16. TE David Njoku
  17. S Eric Berry
  18. WR Calvin Ridley

Team Bolliger knew what he was doing. Has the perfect range of veterans and rookies on his team. He has Calvin Ridley, Josh Rosen and Rashaad Penny to watch them grow. At the same time, he has Todd Gurley, Michael Thomas, Cam Newton, Doug Baldwin and Jordan Howard who are all going to produce now. Dalvin Cook and Deshaun Watson look to come back from injury. There are a few players with great potential here, for example David Njoku and Will Fuller V. Both had decent seasons last year and team Bolliger would hope for the same production this year as well. He has announced that Cam Newton is available for the right price. A interesting battle on his team will be the safety position. A hard question each week will be who to start between Eric Berry and Barry Church as both are great leaders on the field.


Team Thibodeau-

  1. RB Ezekiel Elliott
  2. RB Leonard Fournette
  3. WR Mike Evans
  4. WR Tyreek Hill
  5. TE Travis Kelce
  6. DE Chandler Jones
  7. QB Matthew Stafford
  8. QB Derek Carr
  9. RB Kenyan Drake
  10. WR Marvin Jones Jr.
  11. QB Patrick Mahomes
  12. RB Lamar Miller
  13. S Budda Baker
  14. TE Jack Doyle
  15. WR Robert Woods
  16. K Daniel Carlson
  17. S Justin Simmons
  18. WR Marquise Goodwin

Team Thibodeau went along with the same early draft plan as team Fay. Made sure that the skill position players were covered right away. Securing two top running backs in Elliott and Fournette was huge. Following that up with three great receiving threats in Evans, Hill and Kelce. One thing sticking out the most is this Chiefs connection. If the Mahomes experiment works out, team Thibodeau will have that great trio there with Mahomes, Hill and Kelce. If it doesn’t, he played it safe with two QB’s in Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr who can get the job done. A big thing about this team is there is not many veterans. Team Thibodeau looks very promising for the future if he can keep this core together. Look for his offensive leaders to be Elliott, Fournette, Kelce and hopefully bouncing back, Mike Evans. On the defensive side, he is looking for the two Arizona Cardinals defensive leaders to pave his way. Budda Baker and Chandler Jones, with a promising young backup in Broncos safety Justin Simmons. This is a team to watch out for and are definitely a team that will be an all or nothing. It seems like team Thibodeau’s top mission is to take down his rival team Bolliger as the smack talk has already begun.


Team Pooler-

  1. RB David Johnson
  2. WR Julio Jones
  3. QB Aaron Rodgers
  4. S Landon Collins
  5. WR Jordy Nelson
  6. TE Rob Gronkowski
  7. QB Matt Ryan
  8. K Greg Zuerlein
  9. RB Royce Freeman
  10. DE Khalil Mack
  11. TE Delanie Walker
  12. RB Marshawn Lynch
  13. DE DeMarcus Lawrence
  14. QB Ben Roethlisberger
  15. S Karl Joseph
  16. WR Dez Bryant
  17. WR Robby Anderson
  18. QB Sam Darnold

Team Pooler drafted completely differently than others. He even took a kicker in the 8th round. He backed himself up by jokingly saying, “I lost two games because of Greg Zuerlein last year and I was not going to let it happen again.” Team Pooler is for sure trying to split up his team, with Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger and Jordy Nelson, he was not looking long term. But he balanced it out with taking Robby Anderson, Sam Darnold, Karl Joseph, DeMarcus Lawrence and Royce Freeman. The leaders of this team will be Julio Jones, David Johnson, Rodgers, Landon Collins and a signed Khalil Mack. Even though Roethlisberger and Lawrence will most likely be on his bench, team Pooler stressed that he could not watch them slide any longer. With a roster that is very injury prone, team Pooler is hoping for a healthy season. He is also banking on a huge year from Royce Freeman and taking a chance on him after Broncos lost CJ Anderson.


Team Rowe-

  1. RB Saquon Barkley
  2. RB Kareem Hunt
  3. WR Adam Thielen
  4. WR T.Y. Hilton
  5. S Keanu Neal
  6. DE Trey Flowers
  7. QB Alex Smith
  8. QB Philip Rivers
  9. WR Allen Robinson
  10. TE Trey Burton
  11. QB Mitchell Trubisky
  12. WR Demaryius Thomas
  13. DE Calais Campbell
  14. WR Cooper Kupp
  15. RB Jay Ajayi
  16. RB Rex Burkhead
  17. WR Pierre Garcon
  18. K Dan Bailey

Team Rowe took some surprises here. A lot of his players are either in new systems or have new teammates. Trey Burton joins forces with teammates Allen Robinson and Mitchell Trubisky which could be a deadly combo for team Rowe. TY Hilton gets his top QB back in Andrew Luck which will be huge for Hilton. Demaryius Thomas’s production should go up with Case Keenum throwing him the ball. Saquon Barkley and Kareem Hunt are two of the most promising young running backs in the league which will be huge for team Rowe’s future. 3 question mark players for team Rowe include Adam Thielen, will he have the same season he did last year? The other two questions are the quarterbacks. Alex Smith has nobody to pass to in Washington but is known for his completion rate which will hopefully allow him to thrive. Philip Rivers, a very durable quarterback who is not the most clutch. Rivers hopefully will keep his skills core healthy this year and will help boost team Rowe. This team has to rely heavily on the running backs and will definitely rely big on top two defenders on the team Keanu Neal and Trey Flowers.


Team Babcock-

  1. WR DeAndre Hopkins
  2. WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  3. RB Christian McCaffrey
  4. RB Devonta Freeman
  5. QB Russell Wilson
  6. DE Joey Bosa
  7. RB Jerick McKinnon
  8. S Harrison Smith
  9. QB Marcus Mariota
  10. WR Amari Cooper
  11. TE Kyle Rudolph
  12. QB Jared Goff
  13. S Jahleel Addae
  14. DE Myles Garrett
  15. WR Corey Davis
  16. WR Emmanuel Sanders
  17. RB Duke Johnson Jr.
  18. K Adam Vinatieri

Team Babcock is well-rounded. Confirmed his dominate receiving core immediately with DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr. Took a very reliable quarterback in Russell Wilson, and two other QB’s that will give good numbers in Marcus Mariota and Jared Goff. Two key players in team Babcock’s offense include Christian McCaffrey and Corey Davis. Team Babcock really likes Davis this year as Tennessee’s number one option. McCaffrey also looks to take over where he left off in Carolina’s offense with even more touches. Jerick McKinnon is very strong but could go either way with his new 49ers team. The additions of Emmanuel Sanders and Kyle Rudolph gave team Babcock two reliable targets he can turn to if others don’t turn out on his team.One interesting note is no rookies were taken from team Babcock as he is looking for experience to be a factor for him. As a very active owner, expect him to make several moves as the weeks go on. He will find himself in the playoffs someway, somehow.


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