Insight from Team Rowe’s Draft Plan


By: Brandon Rowe

Going into a dynasty draft there is a lot you have to take into consideration. Like instead of making a team that will make a run for glory that one year, you have to draft a team that will forever make a run for glory. Ideally I wanted to go into this draft with the 5 or 6 pick because that is where I felt the most comfortable. After we all put our names into a randomizer, I ended up with the 7th pick. To say I started shaking in my boots was an understatement.

I had devised a plan that would work at both the 5 and 6 pick because I wanted to build around a certain player. When I heard where I was drafting, I had to throw away my old draft plan and make a new one. I originally wanted to go with a running back with my first pick, and an elite wide out for my second, and swing by and get another top 15 back with my third, but now that I had a longer wait in between picks, there was no way I could do that. I spent most of the day guessing how people were going to draft. I knew the top 3 would be Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson. So I figured that Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara, and Saquon Barkley would be the next which wouldn’t leave me with a definitive number one back. When I saw how the top six drafted, I was shocked, I saw Todd Gurley slide to the number 4, saw David johnson go at 6, and a 30 year old wide receiver taken top 5. Needless to say, I wasn’t so scared now. I saw Barkley available at the 7th and snagged him. I am so high on Barkley because of the pure talent he has. Mark my words, he will be the best running back in the league in 3 years.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to draft a player for another 12 picks, I thought I would grab another stud running back who could be an rb1 but I’ll play him as an rb2. So, I grabbed Kareem Hunt. I think he will be in for a big year after leading the league in rushing yards as a rookie. Having a quarterback who will be starting for the first time this year (so he will depend on a strong run game), along with losing Alex Smith, Patrick Mahomes will have to step up. Everything is pointing to Hunt having a big year.

When it came to my next picks I had to get some wide receivers so I looked at Adam Thielen, two years ago he put on WR2 numbers and this past year put up WR1 numbers so I thought that would be a great pick to fill my WR1 spot. I had another pick to spend on a wide receiver so I grabbed T.Y Hilton who now has Andrew Luck back throwing the ball to him. The last time Luck threw the ball to him for a whole season, he finished first in the league in receiving yards. If he puts up around the same numbers then I will have two solid wide receivers who aren’t that old and can still BALL. On my team I have a plethora of wide receivers and I didn’t plan that but I guess I can blame my draft pick right? I walked away from the draft with Thielen, Hilton, Demaryius Thomas, Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp, Pierre Garcon, and Cordarrelle Patterson. I believe in the Bears this year which is why I drafted Allen Robinson at the 71 pick. Which is pretty high for a guy who hasn’t had a big year in two years because of injuries.

At my tight end spot I grabbed Trey Burton, another Bears player. I got Burton because Chicago payed Burton big boy money so I can see that they have big plans for him. Watching their preseason games so far, they have him everywhere. At the tight end spot, wide-out, slot, everywhere. Which can only mean one thing, he is a BIG plan in their offense.

This is the first year I drafted defensive players so I got my defenders early. I wanted to make sure I could solidify those positions and not have to worry about them for the year. My first defender was Keanu Neal who is one of the best safeties in the game. Which is great for my team because he is only 23. Its safe to say, he’s not leaving my team in the near future. For my defensive linemen, I grabbed two guys. My first pick was Trey Flowers, who I believe will have a huge year for the Patriots being the only pass rusher who has been on the team and put decent numbers up. I grabbed what I believed to be a steal in Calais Campbell at the 103rd pick. Great Defensive lineman come a dime a dozen and if I have two that could put up great numbers, one could be excellent trade bait.

My quarterbacks are where I feel my problems lie. I got Alex Smith, Phillip Rivers, and Mitchell Trubisky. I like all of the QB’s I drafted, it just comes down to if they will perform. Smith is a great passer and isn’t known for his legs but definitely knows how to use them. Rivers is a household name at QB and puts up the yards but can never seem to find the touchdowns. He has the most weapons at his disposal this year so let’s hope that those touchdown numbers go up. Trubisky is a project and that’s why I grabbed him so late. I think that Chicago is doing exactly what they need to do. Bring in a coach who is known for his pass first offense and almost has a college feel to it. Easy to understand and fast paced.

Overall I think I drafted very well and will make a run this year for the championship. Go Team Rowe Baby!!


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