Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Champs


By: Nick Pooler

Led by a stellar performance all around by every member of the team, the Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series Champions. JD Martinez, Chris Sale and Mookie Betts were the big names during the season. Steve Pearce, David Price and Nathan Eovaldi were the big names in the postseason. It just goes to show how amazing Alex Cora truly has been. Eduardo Nunez went on an interview with Alex Rodriguez to talk about how his home run earlier in the series never would have happened without Cora. Nunez talked about how Cora texted him the night before and told him to be ready for Alex Wood off the bench to pinch hit. Nunez studied Wood’s game film and noticed that 85% of his pitches were curveballs. Nunez noted to himself that he was not going to get beat with that pitch and drove the first one he saw out of the park. This just goes to show how dedicated the Sox were this season.

Pearce took home the 2018 MVP trophy behind his stellar 3 home run, 8 RBI World Series. All of which came in big moments including his 3-run double in game 4. The best part was Pearce’s playing time did not shut out Mitch Moreland. Moreland still chimed in off the bench in game 4 to get the rally started after his 3-run home run in the 7th.

Price was outstanding for Boston. Surrendering just 3 hits in 7 innings of work in game 5. Even after the loss, Boston fans still felt something special with the way they applauded Eovaldi for his effort in the 18 inning marathon.

This was a team that you could tell was not going to get beat from the start. Losing just 3 games total in the playoffs (one to each team they faced), they were destined for greatness. This team deserved every bit of what they received. Never had fights or arguments and always had each others backs the whole season. Cora now has his first world series title as a manager and it is just his first season. As for the Dodgers, they drop their second straight world series and continue to find the answer to their problems. With Manny Machado hitting the market, it could be a total scavenger hunt for Los Angeles to find that solution in the offseason.

The Red Sox can now enjoy their offseason with little decisions to make and little problems. Some big questions do sit out their especially on if Eovaldi and Pearce will re-sign. But for now, they can enjoy every bit of this title. Every player had a hand in this, whether it was Sale, Price, Rick Porcello, Eovaldi or Eduardo Rodriguez starting a game, or Joe Kelly throwing 6 shutout innings out of the pen this postseason. The pitching was phenomenal. Martinez and Betts may have not gotten the bats going until game 5, but their leadership was all the team needed to guide them through. Just the fact that 22-year old Rafael Devers was feeling confident in the World Series says something special about this squad. Baseball fans should definitely be looking forward to the future of this team.

Congratulations to the 2018 Boston Red Sox on this well deserved title and thank you fans for keeping up with Sports Media Plus this whole baseball season!



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