Golden State Turmoil


By Griffin Finch

A little over a week ago, the Golden State Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers in what should have been a routine regular season game. Through most of four quarters that was the case. After a miss from Clippers guard Lou Williams, Warriors Draymond Green secured the defensive rebound and proceeded to dribble up the court despite his teammate Kevin Durant yelling for the ball. Draymond ended up tripping and turning the ball over and forcing overtime. During the time between the end of regulation and the beginning of overtime, KD and Draymond got into a heated argument that started when Durant angrily asked Draymond why he didn’t pass him the ball. Draymond being the very emotional player that he is started going back and forth with Durant accusing him of not being fully committed to the team siting his looming free agency. Draymond wouldn’t drop the topic going into overtime and continued in the locker room after the game. We all know KD is one of the more sensitive superstars in the league so the question must be asked: How will this altercation affect his decision this summer?

Even before this game, rumors were beginning to circulate that Kevin Durant would be leaving the Warriors. With this new added tension in the locker room it seems more likely than ever that KD will not be in the Bay Area come next season. The Warriors front office denies that there is any lasting effects of this incident. However, Golden State has since lost four of their last five games and something is clearly wrong. I also believe that it says a lot that whenever questioned about the topic players and coaches alike seem at the very least slightly agitated by it.

We shall see if the Warriors can fix the locker room problems and get back to their winning ways. When Curry returns from injury and gets back on the floor he will have a lot to do with them winning again. Hopefully this incident won’t derail their championship aspirations this season because the thought of rings may be the only thing that can keeps Kevin Durant on the west coast.


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