NFL Free Agency; What will happen with Leveon Bell

By Ben Babcock


The 2019 NFL free agency is nearly upon us and there is one big name that comes to my mind when thinking about who could have the biggest effect on a team next year. That name is Leveon Bell.

As we all know, Leveon Bell did not play at all this season. He held out for a contract once again and this year it didn’t come, sacrificing what could’ve been around $15 million if he had played. Given that there was no agreement between Bell and the Steelers, along with James Conner’s great season, I think it’s safe to say that Leveon Bell will not be in Pittsburgh next season.  There will be plenty of interest in Bell, but there is one team in particular that absolutely needs to go after Bell. The Indianapolis Colts. The Colts will have the most available cap space for 2019 and could more than afford Bell. They also should be very appealing to Bell, who is interested in winning. The Colts were hot the second half of 2018 and made the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs. This is nothing against Marlon Mack, he’s a solid running back, but he is no Leveon Bell. Bell could make that offense one of the best in the league. They have a vastly improved offensive line, Eric Ebron and Andrew Luck were one of the highest scoring QB/TE duos in the league, and as long as TY Hilton stays healthy they are explosive. I believe that going to Indianapolis is the best case scenario for Bell and works out perfectly for both parties. The only other team I would say Leveon could have a similar impact on is the Oakland Raiders, but that is a much less appealing situation. Either way, wherever Leveon Bell goes I believe he will have more of an impact than any other free agent in the league.



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