Is Antonio Brown on his way out too?

By Ben Babcock



More bad news for the Steelers. It looks like they could be losing another one of their star players. Apparently, this has been a long-running issue with Brown and the Steelers, but has been pushed aside and overlooked until now. Brown has managed to tick off quite a few people in the Steelers organization, ignoring instructions and doing what he wishes.

Until now it has been overlooked because of what he does for the team, but as soon as he stopped producing he’d be gone, per league sources. Only now he may not get another chance to produce for the Steelers. They are now shopping Brown and ready to listen to any offers. Espn released a story, ‘It’s probably over’: How its gone wrong with Antonio Brown and the Steelers, that contained many player interviews from some unnamed Steelers players and ex-players. There were some conflicting views between these. Some praising Brown as a great teammate, easy to “cling to”, and hosted some team activities off the playing field. While others shed more light on the current situation, mentioning how this feud has been brewing for years and is close to boiling over.

This, along with Leveon Bell on his way out, and Big Ben within a couple years of retirement, it seems to be falling apart in Pittsburgh. They have a few talented young players that they can build around, but they’ll need to go all out if they want to get another championship out of Big Ben, or they’ll need to start the rebuild now. All of this drama could deter other teams from pursuing Brwon, and at the very least it will decrease his value. Still, he is a top receiver in the league and worth a great deal. There are plenty of teams that could use Brown so I’m sure there will be plenty of interest. All we can do now is wait and see.


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