The Future of the NBA


By Tyler Blair

The NBA can take a lesson from the excitement that is generated from the March Madness tournament by incorporating the same techniques in their playoff system. Once expanded to a 32 team league the NBA should move into a March Madness style, single elimination playoff system. Not only would this be exciting and interesting for fans, but also beneficial for the players.  

The new playoff system would work as one half of the March Madness bracket. In the new playoff setup the seeds would be determined by record across the entire league, not based off of the conference. All teams eliminated in the first round would have equal odds of landing the #1 pick in the lottery. As we all know the talent in the West is far better than in the East in which teams under .500 can make the playoffs over teams with .500 or above records. Having every team make the playoffs gives franchises a run at a title every year and provide teams little to no incentive to tank. Giving all teams eliminated in the first round, equal odds for the top pick would allow a bad franchise to improve, or teams trying to get over the hump of being contenders a better chance of winning every year.

The new playoffs would be especially entertaining for the fans. No fan base would be in crippling depression after years of mediocrity or being historically bad. Watching your team make an impossible run for the title, like the 2014 UConn Men’s team who won every game in the tournament. A team can go 16-12 in the playoffs and be considered a champion. Single elimination playoffs would also be beneficial for the players of the league by reducing the length of the season. In addition, the playoffs would be at a five game maximum for the winner. The new league change would also reduce the number of games to 62. 62 games is just enough to see the strength of each team by allowing them to play every team twice.


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